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Shopping for Mom at a farmer’s market

~The first stop on my farmer’s market adventure was the Frankfort Country Market in beautiful downtown Frankfort, IL. The lots were packed with vendors selling everything from fresh veggies and flowers, homemade olive oils and salsas, and other delectable delights. People and their dogs came in droves to sample their wares, while I was searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift. It wasn’t long before I found it either, at the first stand I visited. These stunning orchids caught my attention instantly, almost as if their petals were winking at me trying to grab my attention. The gentleman in charge of the stand showed me a selection of orchids of varying heights, colors and smells. One plant was long with spindly red/brown flowers that the man claimed smelled like chocolate. I took a whiff and unfortunately did not smell the so-called chocolatey aroma that was advertised. Nevertheless, my pursuit for the perfect orchid continued. Another plant he displayed had yellow starfish shaped flowers streaked with red, which I almost considered, until I found “the one”. It was a classic beauty of purple and white, stretched tall with a few buds still waiting to bloom. It was perfect! And all of his plants were 15% off due to it being Mother’s Day. I’m so happy that I found something that I know my mom will enjoy, and without having to break the bank. Happy Mother’s Day!

*Stop by the Anything Orchids stand at the Frankfort Country Market, located in downtown Frankfort at Breidert Green Oak and Kansas Streets. The Frankfort Country Market runs from May through October from 10am-2pm*

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