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A Radish Within Reach

~I feel as though the radish is highly underestimated. Unless you really love radishes, the only way people seem to eat them nowadays are the wavy cut slices you find in bagged salad mixes. What a shame. I happen to enjoy radishes! They add a spicy kick that awakes your pallet without totally obliterating it. And at the Drover’s Trail Natural Farms stand at the Frankfort Country Market, they had these beautiful bunches of radishes, from light pink to dark purple, for only $3/bunch! That’s a steal! And Drover’s Trail does not use herbicides, pesticides or fungicides on their produce, which puts them in the category of ‘organic’. On Thursday night, after a long day at work, I was searching in my fridge for something to eat. There was some leftover salad my dad had prepared earlier in the day: salad+2 sliced radishes+a microgreen mix that I also purchased from the Drover’s Trail stand= one of the best salad creations ever! The peppery radishes gelled deliciously with the leafy microgreens (which was a combo of broccoli, cabbage, and amaranth) and the tang of the Greek vinagrette I dressed it with. So you don’t have to go far to try something new, just check out your neighborhood farmers market, and give radishes a chance!

*Check out the Drover’s Trail Natural Farms stand at the Frankfort Country Market from 10am-2pm May through October*

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