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I can’t believe it’s not (apple) butter!

**Disclaimer: For this post and the next couple of posts, they will be about products I picked up at the Frankfort Country Market. Of course this is not the only farmer’s market I plan to visit, the other ones don’t start until June. So bear with me, and thanks for reading! -The Garden Goddess**

~A staple you’ll find in most farmer’s markets is someone selling jellies, jams, or some flavored butter. The stand that I came across at the Frankfort Country Market was called Grandma’s Goodies. The grandma behind the namesake stall was a lovely lady named Cindy, who travels all the way from Indiana to sell her jams and jellies. I thought I was going to go cross-eyed from the endless colors and varieties that were offered: colors from lightest white to deepest red, and flavors as plain as strawberry to unique as apricot habanero. I spent a decent amount of time at the stall, perusing the countless options until I landed on a little jar of apple butter.

I have always wanted to try apple butter, and now I had the chance to! Last Monday my breakfast was a toasted bagel in which I planned to smear the apple butter on. When I opened the jar, I admit I was a tad disappointed with its appearance. In my mind, I envisioned apple butter to resemble, well, butter. Instead what I got was something that looked to me like darkly colored applesauce. Everyone has their own recipes, so who was I to judge? And why should I be quick to judge something I’ve never had before?

Despite my preconceived notions, it was still tasty.  Shame on me for judging this lady’s creation she obviously worked so hard on. And besides, apple butter is a healthier alternative to regular butter for toast, bagels, english muffins, etc. In addition to the apple butter, I also got a jar of the apricot habanero jam for my aunt.

*Say hello to Cindy and visit her stall, Grandma’s Goodies, at the Frankfort Country Market this May through October from 10am-2pm*

You can also check out their Facebook page!


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