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Essential Oils

~One of my absolute favorite scents in the world is garlic and olive oil. If it didn’t sound crazy, I would make a perfume out of it. The scent of this dynamic duo has a hold on me that is so strong it’s like a drug. And when I found out that the Twisted Olive company makes a garlic infused olive oil, I just about died. I heard about Twisted Olive at none other than the Frankfort Country Market. When I had visited on Mother’s Day, I passed by the stand not giving it much thought. I was just trying to take in the experience of the farmer’s market.

But when I went this past Sunday, I made an effort to visit the stand and some others that I passed previously. The Twisted Olive is a purveyor of fine extra virgin olive oils and vinegars aged to perfection. From your basic EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) to the refined balsamic vinegar aged for a staggering 25 years. There were samples of bread on two plates: one plate drizzled with the drool inducing garlic olive oil, the other with balsamic. I tried one from each plate (with a couple extra pieces sneaked from the garlic plate) and I bought both of them.

As a snack, I toasted some bread I purchased from the Rustic Knead bakery stall with the famed olive oil, and topped it with sliced cremini mushrooms and goat cheese. (The goat cheese I will feature in a future post). The smells that erupted from the kitchen were nothing short of heavenly. And while I can’t wear it like perfume, I will definitely continue to enjoy the everlasting aroma of garlic and olive oil.


*Check out the endless flavor possibilities Twisted Olive has to offer at*

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