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Even MORE granola goodness!

~As promised, I did visit a new farmer’s market, this time in Downers Grove, IL. I had chosen this particular location because it was one of the few farmer’s markets that were currently operating. I was immediately impressed with this market for its wider selection of fresh produce and for having stalls with handmade crafts and clothing. As I wandered around the market, a familiar sight caught my eye.

I had seen it in the distance, the banner read: “Delicious gluten-free vegan snacks”. It was the granola lady from Vegan Crazy! “Oh my God! It’s the granola lady!” I exclaimed to myself. I had resisted the temptation last week to buy granola, but I had given in today. After making a loop around the market, I stopped by the Vegan Crazy stall. I greeted the woman behind the stall and she greeted me in return with her charming Polish accent.

“I have seen you before, yes?” she said. I responded with a hearty yes, telling her that I’ve been to the Frankfort Country Market several times and that it was my first time visiting the Downers Grove market. We chatted for a few minutes, while declaring my love for her granola bites and how I had introduced my family to it. She smiled and said that she was happy my family and I liked her granola. The granola bite she featured was goji berry coconut. I’m normally not a fan of coconut, and I had no idea what a goji berry was, but it was the last flavor of the granola bite trio I had left to try.

The coconut thankfully didn’t smack me in the face and the goji berry was chewy and tasted almost like a cherry. I mentioned in my post Granola Goodness that I would continue to feed my vegan granola addiction, and boy did I! I purchased a container of the goji berry coconut and my favorite apricot cinnamon granola bites. And she was kind enough to knock a few bucks of the price for being a frequent customer ^_^

*The Downtown Downers Grove Farmer’s Market is located at the Main Street Train Station South parking lot off of Burlington Ave, and it runs from 7am-12:30pm, May through October*

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