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Smitten by Strawberries

~It’s refreshing to see how fresh produce can bring so many people together. Young and old sharing a common bond over blueberries, chatting about carrots, or in my case, striking a conversation over strawberries. While at the Downers Grove Market, the first stand I visited had several lengthy tables layered with produce. Everything from radishes, onions, several varieties of tomatoes, potatoes and mushrooms, herbs and more. As I meandered through the tables, quite a few people were gathered around a corner table filled with strawberries freshly farmed from southern Illinois.

The strawberry, in my opinion, is the universal fruit. Banana’s best friend, chocolate’s perfect mate, and all around good guys. The strawberries at the market were perfectly piled in baby blue cartons, and were nothing short of miraculous. Their bright red color radiated among their rhubarb neighbors and were waiting to be eaten. Once I managed to squeeze in to see the strawberries, this older woman had said to me, “These strawberries are so beautiful, aren’t they?”. I smiled and responded with an agreement and a remark on how you can’t find strawberries like these in the grocery stores.

After our delightful conversation, we each left with a carton of strawberries and continued around the market. When I returned home, I immediately began eating a few strawberries. They were juicy, succulent and perfectly ripe.  And today when I went to the Frankfort market, a few vendors sold strawberries, but theirs didn’t come close to those that I purchased.
Mine were better 😉

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