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Ap-peas-ing veggies

~Ah peas, the usual accomplice to carrots. But they aren’t just enjoyed with carrots: they are a great accompaniment in a stir-fry or as is for a healthy snack. I love them in the 3 ways I just mentioned, but I’m sure there are more outlets for peas. When I visited the Downers Grove market last weekend, they offered 2 different types of peas: English peas and stringless sugar snaps. I was thrilled to see that they actually make sugar snap peas sans strings, because I always choke on them or get them stuck in my teeth.

I picked up a carton for about 3 dollars and was stoked for a tasty (and guilt free) snack. Instead of as snacks, the peas ended up in that night’s dinner. They were our vegetable for the evening: pan roasted in olive oil, salt and pepper and partnered with cremini and portabella mushrooms and spring garlic, also farmer’s market finds. The veggie trio was amazing! The crunch of the peas bursting from their pods with a slight char, the chewy mushrooms and the aromatic garlic were on point. And they made tasty leftovers too!

Usually I enjoy sugar snap peas raw with a little bit of ranch dressing to dip, cutting off the ends first to avoid an inevitable choking fit. But with these stringless peas, I can enjoy this delicious snack faster!


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