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Alpaca your things

~When I’m not blogging about farmer’s markets, my daytime occupation is a veterinary technician. For those that don’t know, a veterinary technician (aka vet tech) is an animal nurse. I’ve gotten to work with a wide variety of animals while in school, and my first animals I worked with were alpacas. These fluffy South American cousins of the llama are sweet, quirky, and full of personality. When I was learning to draw blood on them, the alpaca behind me gave me a swift kick in the knee, which hurt like hell. But at least it didn’t try spitting at me! You’re probably wondering what my vet tech experience has to do with farmer’s markets? At the Frankfort market this past Sunday, I noticed a few new vendors there, one of which was a man selling handmade wares made from alpaca wool. He had socks, hats, gloves, stuffed animals and more. cria (baby alpaca)

It was so silky and luxuriously soft that I couldn’t stop touching everything on the table. I had my eye on a brown and white knit hat with a zigzag stripped pattern. The man at the table said that he used the wool from 3 different alpacas to create the hat. FullSizeRender

The names of the fluffy trio whose wool crafted my hat were Molly, Blanco and Bert. After hearing this I immediately flashed back to my time at school working with the alpacas. (The 2 alpaca pictures are some that I had taken while in school) Reliving all those happy memories are what sold me on the hat, along with the artful craftsmanship. I’m so excited for it to be a little chillier outside so I can wear it!

*Shop for all your alpaca wool needs! Visit Albo Acres at, and stop by the Albo Acres stand at the Frankfort Country Market this May-October *

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