farmers market

Flower Power

~A spring and summertime staple of farmer’s markets are flowers in all shapes, sizes and colors. And every week different vendors feature different flowers: one week it’s peonies, another can be roses. Fresh cut flowers not only bring a feeling of summertime into your life, but brightness, happiness and cheer. My first encounter with fresh flowers was from the orchid man on Mother’s Day, and the orchid I purchased for my mom is still thriving today. Next came the tulips from Downers Grove.

Along with orange roses (specifically the orange ones), tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I don’t have a color preference for tulips, I love them all the same. A stall at the Downers Grove market had 3 bunches of tulips in varied shades of pink. I settled on a petite pale pink bouquet that I later adorned on my kitchen counter in a red glass vase. I’m surprised that they lasted for a little over a week!

Last Sunday in Frankfort is when I saw sunflowers making an appearance on the market scene. Each bunch had about five fresh-cut flowers for $5/bunch, and the bunches were crammed together into buckets under a large tent. I bought a bunch before leaving the market and placed them in the same spot on my kitchen counter where the tulips once were. They lasted about 5 days before they started to droop and their once vibrant yellow petals turned brown. If you have the chance to purchase fresh-cut flowers, do so. And soon, while they are in season!


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