farmers market

A sticky situation

~We all know that breakfast is the important meal of the day, and that the quintessential breakfast meal is usually pancakes. But who is pancakes’ partner in crime? Maple syrup! But maple syrup isn’t exclusive to pancakes. Oh no, maple syrup has been caught with other breakfast items such as waffles, french toast and that no good liar oatmeal.

This morning I confronted maple syrup canoodling in my oatmeal with some blueberry buddies. This sinful trio was tasty! I probably added a tad too much water, but the oatmeal was still cooked through, just not as thick as I would have liked it. The blueberries I purchased at the Orland farmer’s market on Friday were a delightful pop of flavor and inherent antioxidants. And the center of all the chaos, maple syrup, was beyond any other maple syrup I’ve had.

Move over Aunt Jemima! Jack and Jill’s Maple Hill Farm has got you beat! Their pure Michigan maple syrup is rich and silky and not overly sweet. Maple syrup is a good substitute for sugar too! I found the maple syrup at the Palos Heights farmer’s market last week, the cute little bottles lined in a row on the table. So the next time you have a hankering for pancakes, reach for the best, reach for pure maple syrup from Michigan.

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