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Pursuit of the perfect plant

~Since I started my blogging adventure almost 2 months ago now (wow!), one thing I really wanted to do was find a plant at a farmer’s market and attempt to grow it. Several years ago, I went to a greenhouse with a friend and picked out a rainbow Swiss chard plant to grow in the garden. At the time I’ve never had Swiss chard, but I had seen it on Food Network and thought that it looked tasty and wanted to try it. Unfortunately I never got the chance to eat it, the bunnies beat me to it. When I was searching a plant, my mom said that I could pick a plant to grow beside her tomatoes, peppers and zucchini. Every market I’ve visited thus far only seemed to have tomato and pepper plants, so that was out (and I don’t like peppers to begin with). I tried to avoid herbs, since she already has a herb garden on the side of the house. Now after traveling from market to market, I found the plant I wanted! This past Saturday I went to the Tinley Park farmer’s market. It was a nice market, but there weren’t enough produce stands for my liking. Anyway, the one produce stand that was there was also selling vegetable plants and hanging flower baskets. I browsed though the endless shelves of pepper and tomato plants, when squeezed next to an eggplant was a watermelon plant. “Hmm, you don’t see very many watermelon plants around”, I said to myself. It was a Crimson Sweet watermelon plant, which I didn’t know there were different kinds of watermelons. But the tag sticking out of the soil said that the plant matures in 80 days and that the fruit can reach up to 20 pounds! We planted it behind my mom’s tomato plant on Monday and I can’t wait 80 days later for the first fruit 🙂 I’ll keep you guys updated with the plant’s progress when I can!

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