farmers market

Plant Progress

~I apologize for not blogging in a while, life’s been pretty hectic lately. But I’m still going to markets and will try to keep up with blogging as I’m finding new things to blog about 🙂
A while back, I bought a watermelon plant from the Tinley Park farmer’s market. In my “Pursuing the Perfect Plant” post, I said that I would update you guys on the plant’s progress. I have some good news and some bad news.

There were actually 2 plants that came in the planter I got. I planted one plant on the side of the house where my mom has her tomatoes and zucchini, and the other went on the patio next to some of my mom’s flowers. The good news is that the plant by the flowers is doing well! There aren’t any watermelons yet, but the vines are starting to get a little longer and the plant itself is getting bigger! The bad news is that the other plant, the one by the tomatoes and zucchini, didn’t do that well and died 😦

I’m hopeful that my surviving plant will continue to thrive and I’ll be able to taste its fruits by the end of the summer!

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