farmers market

Does Size Matter?

~Did you ever realize just how fixated our society is on size? The size of our houses, the size of our cars, and especially the size of our men…
Same goes for the world of farmer’s markets, where everyone is seeking the largest and most bountiful fruits and vegetables. Of course I’m checking the quailty of the produce at these markets, but also the market themselves. I’ve been to markets with close to 50 vendors, and others that have less than 10. Just because it’s bigger, doesn’t mean it’s always better. I personally like the smaller markets, it provides a better vendor-customer experience and more unique items to peruse. It was at one of these mini markets (Lemont to be specific) where I met Douglas from Waterfall Glen 🙂
But the big kahunas have much more produce variety and more chances to interact with fellow market goers. The Downers Grove market was were this elderly lady and I chatted about strawberries, and at the Frankfort Country Market, which I frequent almost every Sunday, I speak with many people walking their dogs enjoying the market with their families and friends. In this case, size doesn’t matter. Whether you’re at your hometown market or a bazaar in the big city, you’ll always have fun at a farmer’s market.

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