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Here goes nothing: My experience with Hot Yoga

~The latest edition in what I’m calling my mini series “Here goes nothing” (where I try a bunch of stuff and blog about it haha), I touch on a subject I’m throwing myself headfirst into: yoga. I’ve taken a few classes in the past to see if I would like, and I love it! It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I started practicing regularly. Grant it I’m no experienced yogi, I can’t do crazy backbends and balance on my head, but I do alright. When my workmates learned I practice yoga, they were very encouraging and one of them convinced me to try hot yoga. I was resistant to it at first because I thought I would die doing it. But after some consideration (and nudging from my workmate), I decided ‘screw it, I’ll try it just to say I did it’.

When I arrived at the studio Sunday morning, I was nervous but happy at the same time. Yoga brings me a lot of joy and gratification. Even if I’m not that great at it, I still try my best and have fun with it. I tried to dress as lightly as I could (tank top and yoga pants), but as soon as I walked into the room, I was sweating. The room was heated to 95 degrees to promote the release of toxins from the body and to loosen muscles. As the class went on, I was sweating so much I was slipping all over my mat, even with a towel on top! The instructor, Olga, bless her heart she was great, but she tried to kill me. The poses flowed so quickly from one to the other that I had trouble keeping up. And trying to hold them for an extended period of time?! Nice try! Try staying in Downward Dog for 5 breaths while your arms are shaking and your hands are slipping in the middle of a sauna.

All ranting and bitching aside, it was a great class and one hell of a workout. I wouldn’t do it again, but at least I can say that I tried it. I went out of my comfort zone and did the best that I could do. I worked muscles I didn’t know I had and my abs felt like I did a thousand sit ups. After a cold shower I was tired the rest of the day and took a few naps haha.  Even days after the class I still feel the effects! I will for sure continue my yoga practice, but at a normal temperature.

Namaste my lovely readers ❤

2 thoughts on “Here goes nothing: My experience with Hot Yoga

  1. As one that is a HUGE fan of hot yoga (take a look at my blog), you perhaps weren’t prepared for what to expect. To sweat a lot in these classes is normal & your teacher should have told you to sit out a few postures, rather going the full hog. I’m so glad you tried it, but I think if you give it another try it might be better next time because you know what to expect. Good luck with it all. 😊


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