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Once upon a time, in a land farro farro away…

~I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving feast with family and friends yesterday. While farro was not on the menu, I wish it was. I was introduced to this ancient grain by my mom, who cooked it as a side dish to a tasty pork chop dinner a few nights back. I had never tried farro before, but I have seen it at Mariano’s while grocery shopping. Similar to bulgar wheat, farro has a lower gluten content, which isn’t gluten-free but it’s much more tolerable to those sensitive to gluten than other wheat products.

To me it had an almost similar look and taste to brown rice, the puffed up wheat and slightly crunchy yet chewy texture made for a tasty side and lunch for the next day. Farro’s ancient origins dates back to ancient Rome, where it was sampled by royalty and peasants alike. Before making the trek across the Mediterranean to Italy, the ancient Egyptians enjoyed this glorious grain so much it was nicknamed “pharaoh’s grain”.

Jump to a few thousand years later, farro is enjoyed all over, but is mainly used in Mediterranean, Ethiopian and Middle Eastern cuisines. Not only is farro tasty and gluten friendly, it’s a great source of fiber, protein, iron and magnesium. And you can add pretty much anything to it! I would love to make it with mushrooms and some fresh grated goat Parmesan cheese from Stamper Cheese Company. Yummmmm my mouth is watering already!

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