healthy eating

Amazing Graze

~I discovered Graze the same way I discovered Thrive Market: on the television. I was catching up on one of my many shows I’ve fallen behind on when up popped a commercial for a company that sends snacks in the mail and if you went onto their website and entered a promo code, they’d send you a free box! How perfect is that?!  When I got to the site, I typed in the code and I was able to personalize my snack box.

They ask if you have any allergies or on a special diet (gluten-free, vegan, etc.), and then you can choose which ingredients you don’t want featured in your box (I don’t like pineapples and almonds). Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to choose from the 100+ snack varieties they offer. Oi. After what seemed like an eternity later, my snack choices were locked in and my first box would be on its way!

It took about a week after I ordered the box for it to arrive, but I felt like a kid at Christmas when it arrived. Not only did I get some awesome snacks, they sent me a gift voucher for a free box for a friend. I’m really tempted to use it for myself haha. The snacks I received were a strawberries and cream granola topping (for yogurt), honey glazed cashews, apple slices with caramel sauce, and a dried fruit mixed called Triple Berry Smoothie which had dried bananas, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries.

I really like Graze for multiple reasons: their wide selection of sumptuous snacks, their ability to cater to people’s dietary needs, and all of their snack are healthy in many shapes and forms (fiber filled, protein packed, low calories, etc.). As an added bonus, the shipping box is 100% recyclable and the cardboard to make the box was made from wood harvested from sustainable forests. No need to feel guilty about snacking ever again with Graze!


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