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And then there was light…therapy

~I suffer from anxiety and depression. While it’s manageable for the most part, I have my days where I feel more anxious/down than usual. For the past few visits, my doctor’s been pushing for me to get a light box to help with my depression. I have been putting it off mostly because I couldn’t afford it, but also because I’m so damn busy all the time I totally forgot about it.

I was able to find one at Bed Bath & Beyond for around $40, which is way better than what I was looking at on Amazon. It’s a HappyLight Energy Lamp from Verilux, and from what little I’ve heard about Verilux it’s a good brand. I got it plugged in a little while ago after following the simple installation instructions. It’s much brighter than my desk lamp that I hardly use.

I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Aside from the light from my laptop, the HappyLight is the only light in the room I have on right now. According to the instruction manual, you’re supposed to have the lamp on for 30-60 minutes a day to achieve its purposed depression relieving effects. Right now I feel no different from before I turned it on. But I shouldn’t be so quick to diss the HappyLight. My doctor prescribed it, so there’s at least some proof that it does work to some effect, so I’ll give it more time for it to work its magic.

Really hoping it works, or else I’ll be kicking myself for wasting $40 on a lamp on steroids.

One thought on “And then there was light…therapy

  1. I bought one of these when I was living on the south side of a mountain valley and got very little sun. I’ve found it does have an effect- and it really helps relieve eye stain when working long hours on a computer, I find. Make sure to keep it properly positioned! It’s supposed to be off to the side and only like 12-18 inches away… that’s really close to your face!


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