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Makes Frankinsence to Me 

~Let me take you through another episode of my essential oils adventure with my guide, Misty! Since that fateful day after we first met Misty and I have been keeping in regular contact. About 2 weeks ago, we had a delightful phone conversation where we spoke of work, the blog, and of course essential oils. She had sent me an e-mail previously of all the amazing offers doTERRA currently has going on and how you could access them by buying one of their enrollment kits.

I looked them over carefully, knowing I wanted one that came with a diffuser. The one I had originally wanted came with the diffuser and a few of their more popular scents. But after some convincing I ended up getting the pricier Home Essentials kit that not only had the diffuser, but 10 of doTERRA’s best-selling scents and some freebies from Misty personally! A few days later as I was about to leave for work, the mail truck pulled up to the house and the mail lady pulled out this large box along with the rest of the mail. I looked at the address and it was my Home Essentials kit! I kept it in my car while at work and during my shift I kept thinking about it and eagerly awaiting to open it.

When I returned home, I immediately opened the box. It was like opening presents on Christmas Day and getting exactly what you wanted 🙂 Some of the scents in the kit were lavender, peppermint, a digestive blend OnGuard, Deep Blue, and of course frankincense. I love diffusing peppermint, especially now because my allergies are acting up again and they cause me to get headaches. But my favorite part of my goodies is the Deep Blue rub.

Deep Blue is a blend of oils such as peppermint, tea tree, eucalyptus and a subtle citrus. It was originally designed with athletes in mind to relieve sore, aching muscles. But you don’t need to be athletic to benefit from Deep Blue, you just have to be human! Haha.
My job takes a toll on me both emotionally and physically. When the physical aspects affect me, especially my neck, back and feet, I rub some Deep Blue and roll on Deep Blue Touch and in minutes I could feel relief setting in. It felt like an ice pack rubbed into my muscles and melted away the pain.

I’ll never use anything else for pain relief

One thought on “Makes Frankinsence to Me 

  1. I love this so much!!!! And I totally love the name, you’re so creative!! I’m so glad you’re getting so much use out of your oils and loving every second of it!!

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