farmers market

Hello out there…

~To my dear readers, whether you’re joining me for the first time or a returning reader:

I first want to say I’m sorry if you felt like I ditched you or fell off the face of the planet, or, God forbid, gave up on farmer’s markets. I took a break from blogging and the markets to refresh my thoughts and focus on some personal and financial issues. I’ve always thought of the blog (and you guys of course), but had to take a step back because I was starting to feel overwhelmed.

But as I woke up this morning, I realized how much I missed going to the markets and not knowing what I’d find or discover something new. So today for the first time in two months, I went to the Frankfort market and got my inspiration back. I also realized how much I missed writing! I’ve told myself that if I wasn’t  a vet tech I would want to be a writer.

Slowly but surely I’ll return with more posts and restoring the blog to its former glory, striving to make it better 🙂

Love you all! ❤

-The Garden Goddess

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