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Sickness Saga part 4: Respect your Elderberries

There were 30 gummies in the bottle and I took the suggested 2 per day until gone. The texture of the gummy was a little weird at first; it was berry shaped (similar to the ‘bumpiness’ of a raspberry, for lack of a better word) and surprisingly dense. The taste, I came to find, was not bitter as I had anticipated, but more tart. I wasn’t sure at what point in taking the gummies I would start to feel better, and I was starting to grow skeptical of their efficacy. But I pushed myself to finish the bottle, not only because it would make for good blog content (haha), but that bottle cost about $10 and I would have been pissed I wasted my money on something that didn’t work.

Dr. Group reported on a study done on people taking elderberry while they were sick with a cold or flu. The study suggested that the abundant antioxidants found in elderberries may have helped reduce mucosal inflammation and nasal congestion.

 Scientists have noticed a decrease in congestion and symptom duration when conventional therapies are supplemented with elderberry. The compounds in elderberries and elderflowers may reduce mucosal membrane inflammation and help alleviate congestion.[9]
In one study, subjects suffering from influenza-like symptoms were given elderberry syrup. Those who consumed the elderberry noticed significant symptom relief about 4 days earlier than the subjects given a placebo.[7] A similar study found that subjects given elderberry extract improved within a 48-hour period. More than a quarter of all subject were completely void of symptoms, and over half showed significant improvement. Only 16% of the placebo group reported improvements and none experienced a complete recovery.[14]

I knew going into this experiment that the supplement alone wasn’t going to make me finally start to feel better, but I’m glad to know that my money wasn’t wasted. Taking them felt more like taking Airborne, a prophylactic means of getting over my cold. I think when the next cold threatens to strike I’ll pick up more Sambucol gummies. If taking them DURING a cold helped, imagine taking them BEFORE a cold will do?!

For more information about Dr. Group and the Global Healing Center, visit

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