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Long Grove Strawberry Fest 2019

~Last weekend my fiance and I checked out the Strawberry Festival, an annual event held in Long Grove, IL from June 21-23 (we went on the 21st since we both had the day off). It was about an hour drive from where I live, but thankfully traffic wasn’t bad. The main road took us on a detour that shuffled us to event parking by a local church. We walked a short way only to realize that neither of us had extra cash on us (the last $5 my fiance had was used for parking (though it was advertied as free parking, what a rip off!)). The woman at the entrance pointed us in the direction of the nearest ATM, where I withdrew enough money not only for entry for the two us ($5 per person) but also for spending.

Once inside the festival we were greeted by a band performing on the main stage and a group of people filing in and out of the shops adjacent to the stage. The festival sprawled across downtown Long Grove with several booths selling various strawberry flavored concoctions. One of the more unusal ones I saw was a stand selling strawberry flavored kettle corn, which I was tempted to try, but I chickened out. We walked several blocks down to explore the rest of the festival where we ended up at the Long Grove Coffee Company.

Long Grove Coffee Company

The Long Coffee Co. was cozy and reminicent of a traditional coffee shop one would see on TV. There were several small tables and even a shelf of old board games you could play. There was a wide selection of coffee, coffee blended drinks and tea to choose from, as well as a few pastries. I had a vanilla latte and a strawberry doughnut which my fiance and I split. Let me tell you, this was by far one of the best doughnuts I’ve ever had! It was a cake based doughnut (fun fact I actually prefer yeast based doughnuts) that was so light and fluffy even with chucks of strawberries baked into it, and coated with sugar but it wasn’t overwhelmingly sweet. It was so good that before we left I bought a half dozen doughnuts 🙂

Walking back on the main road to the majority of stalls at the festival we stopped at a stand from a company called Nectar of the Vine that was selling wine slushies. They came in packages where to make the slushy you combine the package with a bottle of wine (or other liquor you prefer) and equal parts water, blend and freeze for a few hours.

They had two flavors to sample, pomegrante and peach mango. I tried the pomegrante and my fiance tried the peach mango. After sampling we exchanged shots and tried the opposite flavors, both of which were delicious. After talking with the procuerer of the stand we parted ways and further into the festival. Before we left, however, I stoppped back and bought the pomegrante mix. The man had recognized us from earlier and gave me a deal: 2 mixes for $20 (each bag was $13 each)! Score! My second flavor I got was the peach mango.

The last stop, and perhaps my favorite, was a chocolatier that made everything you could possibly dip in chocolate or create with chocolate that could have easily put Willy Wonka out of business. I picked up a few chocolate dipped strawberries (the feature photo of this post) and a strip of chocolate covered bacon. The chocolate was so smooth and luckily didn’t melt on the car ride home! The strawberries were juicy and delicious.

Overall I enjoyed the Strawberry Festival more than I thought I would. It was through Facebook that I found the festival and learned from the guy at Nectar of the Vine that Long Grove also hosts a chocolate festival and an apple festival in the fall (which I hope to attend) 😀

For more info and to shop Nectar of the Vine’s vast selection of wine slushies visit

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Glazed and Amazed

~You know when you get a craving for something and you just HAVE to have it? Like you’ll do almost anything to get it? That’s how I feel about the maple bacon long john from the Glazed and Infused doughnut shop in Chicago. This amazing drool inducing creation has been on my mind for the past week, since I tried it for the first time last weekend at the Frankfort Country Market. What two things go better together than a sticky doughnut and a thick slice of bacon? It’s a match made in heaven.

It’s even been rated as one of the top 12 doughnuts in Chicago, so you know it has to be good. After patiently waiting my turn in line, I had gotten my hands on what would become my next farmer’s market obsession. The dense yeast doughnut (which I prefer over their dry cake based counterparts) was chewy and moist, the maple glaze was sweet and sticky, and the bacon was crunchy and salty. I love a sweet and salty combo, and with this you get the best of both worlds.

After dreaming about this damn doughnut for seven days straight, I couldn’t wait any longer. But to my greatest disappointment, they had sold out of the maple bacon long johns when I reached the stand 😥
I was immensely bummed. I felt that there was nothing that could drag me out of my doughnut depression. I know that sounds dramatic, but when you try something so astronomically amazing and it’s been yanked away from you, you get upset about it! Time to play the waiting game, again.

*Get to the Glazed and Infused stand early to try their maple bacon long johns and all their other doughy delights at the Frankfort Country Market, or visit their website*