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Frankfort Market Opening Day 2021

~Today was opening day of my favorite farmer's market in downtown Frankfort, IL and I couldn't be more excited! It was a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze blowing with opprotunity and the intoxicating scent of freshly made doughnuts. As I entered the market gazing around the pool of familiar vendors, I made a… Continue reading Frankfort Market Opening Day 2021

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Sickness Saga Part 3: This sh*t is bananas

~I honestly believe that bananas saved me to some degree when I was thick into my pneumonia suffering. After receiving two rounds of IV antibiotics while in the hospital on Halloween, the ER doctor prescribed me two oral antibiotics that I would take for at least a week (I can't remember if they were the… Continue reading Sickness Saga Part 3: This sh*t is bananas

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Long Grove Strawberry Fest 2019

~Last weekend my fiance and I checked out the Strawberry Festival, an annual event held in Long Grove, IL from June 21-23 (we went on the 21st since we both had the day off). It was about an hour drive from where I live, but thankfully traffic wasn't bad. The main road took us on… Continue reading Long Grove Strawberry Fest 2019

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Countdown to Christmas

~Can you believe that Christmas is only a couple of days away?! Good thing I finished all my Christmas shopping lol. But if you didn't, I have a place where you'll find the perfect gift: Christkindlmarket in downtown Naperville (or Chicago, but Naperville is closer for me). I've been wanting to go to Christkindlmarket for… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas