farmers market

Craving Cashews

~When I’m at these farmer’s markets, I always search for something unique. Whether it be something crafty (see my Quirky Crafts post) or a vegetable/fruit I haven’t tried before, I try to challenge myself. And today’s challenge were cinnamon glazed cashews. While at the Orland Park farmer’s market amid the blazing heat, I was looking for something to drink. I found a small booth in the corner called The Nutty Bavarian, which was selling smoothies, blended coffees and roasted cashews and almonds. Not being a huge almond fan, I got a bag of the cashews and a strawberry smoothie. As I walked around the market sipping my smoothie, I popped a cashew into my mouth and a plethora of flavors hit my tongue. They were sweet, crunchy, nutty, creamy, a little salty and spectacular! It almost reminds me of caramel corn, but in cashew form. And they come in a convenient cone-shaped bag, which is perfect for carrying around or putting them in your car’s cup holder. These sweet and crunchy nuts are almost as addictive as the vegan granola, but don’t tell the vegan granola lady I said that!

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